New Year, New Design

One of the advantages of being a web designer is the cool fact that I can tinker and redesign my own website as and when I wish. I probably do that more than I should (if you were to look at all the updates on for example) but its probably just par for the …

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SEO Ranking Factors 2017

SEO Ranking Factors for 2017

You may not know this but Searchmetrics have just released their annual Google ranking factors report for 2016!  Now this is kinda a big deal for a couple reasons:  Firstly, it gives us an idea on the kinds of things that Google perceive to be important for websites when displaying their search results for any …

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Freelance Web Designer Diary 1

Freelance Web Designer Diary #001

I’ve decided to have a new episodic blog style diary of my everyday life as a freelance web designer.  Now, when I say “episodic” I truly mean “whenever I can be arsed” to jot down some thoughts that I think you lot would find semi-interesting. I will be keeping these diaries mainly work related though …

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Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer

This post will house all the entries to the “Freelance Web Designer Diary” style posts or at least it shall until I figure out what else I can do with the post. Freelance Web Designer Diary #001

Google AdWords Overview

As you will know, Google is a search engine that gets used daily by people all over the planet when they want to look for things.  In fact, it gets around 3 and a half billion (yes billion) searches every day so you would be safe to assume that it gets quite a fair bit …

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