Google AdWords Overview

As you will know, Google is a search engine that gets used daily by people all over the planet when they want to look for things.  In fact, it gets around 3 and a half billion (yes billion) searches every day so you would be safe to assume that it gets quite a fair bit …

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Google AdWords

Google AdWords

This post will be updated with all the guides I publish on the topic of Google AdWords with the long term aim of it being a great resource for business owners on how to use Googles advertising platform effectively. Google AdWords Overview More content to follow.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Quite simple, If people don’t know your website exists, you won’t make any money from it! The good news is that you can take advantage of several ways to attract visitors. One way is Pay Per Click (PPC), which is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Click (CPC). This is paid search marketing, which involves …

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