These are my daily rituals, follow along at Dog Walks Jog Gather Emails Chinups Protein Shakes I will add more to this list and will post more detail as to why I am doing this at a later date.

Freelance Web Designer Diary 1

Freelance Web Designer Diary #001

I’ve decided to have a new episodic blog style diary of my everyday life as a freelance web designer.  Now, when I say “episodic” I truly mean “whenever I can be arsed” to jot down some thoughts that I think you lot would find semi-interesting. I will be keeping these diaries mainly work related though …

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Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer

This post will house all the entries to the “Freelance Web Designer Diary” style posts or at least it shall until I figure out what else I can do with the post. Freelance Web Designer Diary #001

Going Back To Basics

This has been on my mind for a while now, the thought of completely starting afresh with this, my personal website and I am happy to say that its in action now.  I was growing tired of the old design I had created here and feel its now the perfect time for a change of pace and a …

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New site for 2017

Thought i’d change things up a wee bit here and go for the minimalist look for the site for 2017 (yes I know this is still 2016!). Decided to go with a nice child theme for genesis that I think  does the trick. Expect more content soon!

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