Freelance Web Designer Diary 1

Freelance Web Designer Diary #001

I’ve decided to have a new episodic blog style diary of my everyday life as a freelance web designer.  Now, when I say “episodic” I truly mean “whenever I can be arsed” to jot down some thoughts that I think you lot would find semi-interesting.

I will be keeping these diaries mainly work related though and keep the personal stuff to the other semi-random entries sporadically sprinkled over this site.  To spot the non work related ones simply go to the “thoughts” category and look for any entry that doesn’t have the title “Freelance Web Designer #”.

So what did I get up to this week, lets see.  Started out with stopping by at 3fiftysix, great team there and such a nice office!  Made to feel very welcome, especially by the office dog!  Cant remember his name though unfortunatly 🙁

Terry (the owner) and the gang are doing some really interesting gigs and it was great to get some perspective on other aspects of marketing beyond my own comforts.  Would be good to collaborate with them in the future on some projects.

Mid-week I was focused on completing a website design job for a rather charming client in Aberdeen and thankfully got that pretty much 90% complete today.  Client is happy with it, just got a couple more tweaks to do and then I can be happy with it myself.

However the highlight of my week came today, I got an absolutely lovely package through the post from the team at Urban Reivers (had the pleasure of working with them on their Reek Perfume brand).  Check this out!


At this point my curiosity was on hyperdrive, I wonder what it could be??  Wait … could it really be …

Free Alcohol


They even gave me a wee Christmas card!

Christmas Card

In my hmm 8 years or so of being a freelancer I dont think I’ve ever received a genuine gift from a client, it actually got a wee bit emotional for me and my bottom lip may have had a wobble when I opened all this.

To the team at REEK, you nearly made a grown man cry today you BASTARDS!!

Thanks so so much.