5 Tips For Better SEO

The ways of search engine optimisation are changing faster than a cheetah on steroids, if you blink you will almost certainly miss an algorithm update here or there. I recomened never to purchase a book on SEO as it will already be outdated by the time it gets published. So with the fact that the search engines are changing at such a rate, how can one stay focused on the correct procedures to optimise their sites?

One of the more difficult part of SEO or search engine marketing for that matter, is trying to make sense of the algorithms the search engines are using. Companies are however now beginning to understand the basics of SEO and are familiar with terms such as keyword research, title tags, exchanging links and quality content. It can be frustrating when you think you know all there is to know about optimising a site and then the guys at Google decide to change a few things equating to you having to adapt your site to survive.

There is of course method to the madness, one may get frustrated and scrutinise what Google and the rest are up to and why they keep changing things. Firstly, like any business, they will continue to grow and get better at what they do on a daily basis. And secondly, the search engines need to obey their masters the user, the results they display after a user has queried a keyword must be relevant otherwise that user will stop drawing on their search service and move on to a competitor.

The fact is with all the thousands of websites out their vying for top spot and trying to out do there competitors, the search giants such as Yahoo, Bing and Google are pretty much destined to keep changing things to make sure their users are displayed the most accurately relevant results.

This is a key point because it is important to understand that they are not changing things to annoy website owners, merely to satisfy their users that search on their technology.

It is pretty obvious that if you browse a search engine just now you will see how user friendly they are. This is a huge clue for everyone out there that is doing SEO in Edinburgh and beyond, if you concentrate on the user experience you should do well. This is of course just one part of the puzzle but it’s certainly a big aspect of a successful website, give them what they want.

Now how do you give the user exactly what they want? Well here are a few pointers that will certainly help in the quest of your site to become a great user experience.

For Better SEO Follow This Advice:

  1. Get help from other sites: Think of that coffee you had in the book shop, 2 separate businesses heling each other in a positive way. It is also quite smart to do this with your website, you can be really creative in setting up business partnerships.
  2. Optimise single pages on your site: Instead of only optimising your homepage, make sure that other pages on your site are optimised. This is beneficial if you have certain pages talking about specific products or services. If you can get the user to bypass the homepage and go straight to your optimised landing page for a particular product then you will definatly see an increase in conversions.
  3. Try writing a few Press releases: Make sure you write an article betIen 500 to 1000 words in length and talk about the benefits of your product. Article marketing can be great and this will get whatever it is you are selling out to a larger audience and increases the chances of your site being found.
  4. Submit your website to directories: This is a legitimate way of getting a link back to your website and we all know that links give your website strength, the more links the better.
  5. Make sure you use anchor text: A link that uses anchor text will give you a bigger benefit in the rankings than plain link such as your URL.

If you follow those basic tips on search engine marketing then you are once step closer to a better site, remember the search engines only wish to display relevant results in their listings, if you require any help with this get in touch and we can have a chat.