How to Find an Affordable Web Design Company

In a world of fast moving technology and information-hungry consumers, forging ahead in business now means developing a presence for your company on the internet. A website is a fundamental part of any business online and how good your website is will ultimately decide whether you sink or swim in this most competitive of marketplaces. A website helps in promotion, communication with a target audience, and building your brand. The better your website is, the more visitors you can expect to attract, and this will ultimately have a positive impact on sales.

Today, it is possible for anyone to create a website with little or no knowledge of HTML and coding. Sites such as WordPress offer numerous free templates that can be customised to make a website for your business. However, for something unique, that is more intricate and stands out from competitors, many businesses and organisations prefer to hire the professionals, who can custom build a website to meet the vision and the needs of the owner.

Finding a web design company that can provide the sort of service you are looking for is pretty straightforward – a search on Google will suffice. Finding skilled professionals at an affordable price, though, is not so easy. Web design can prove very expensive (which may well be a reason why many small business choose to rely on free and low cost templates), but it is not impossible. There are companies out there offering website design for those on a budget, you just have to know how to find it.

Here are some tips to help you seek out a company that can provide you with the perfect website at a price that suits.

Identify your needs

Before you begin any search for web design services, you will need to start by identifying your needs. Make a list of any specific expectations and requirements you need, including any features, and design elements – these can be used to narrow down the search.

It may be that you already have a template for your site that simply needs modifying and customising to make it more suitable for your business – this could well save you some substantial money due to the fact a custom built site is not required.

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Many web design companies will also offer domain names and web hosting, but these will obviously push the overall price of the service higher. Both domains and hosting are widely available online and pricing is very competitive. The one-stop solution from a web design company will be appealing, but it is well worth shopping around for these services.

Shop around

Finding an affordable web design company is no different to buying a car, a smartphone, or any other important purchase in that you will need to be prepared to shop around for the best deals. Every web design professional will have a website they wish to promote their services and in many cases, the website itself is a selling point. Most of these sites will also provide details of services and a basic pricing structure – you can use this information to compare with several other websites and get your search down to just a handful of companies.

The internet is also a great resource for finding out the reputation of a company and past work. Look around online for customer reviews; whether good or bad, customers are usually open with sharing their experiences about web design services they have used. Reviews are good for flagging up any downsides you should be aware of.

When you have managed to narrow down your list of potential services, you can take a look at each one in detail, reading through customer testimonials and examples of previous work. Web design companies with a satisfied list of past clients will be more than happy to shout about their accomplishments, and this can give you good insight into the quality of a company and what it offers. Looking into work history will be particularly valuable if you are interested in specific design qualities such as the use of Flash, SEO and responsive web design.

What to look for?

There are numerous qualities to look out for when choosing the ideal web design company and it important to remember that there is a difference between cheap and affordable. If you set out to look for cheap web design services, you run the risk of compromising on quality. Cheap web design often cuts many corners and may leave out crucial elements such as development and free revisions, whereas affordable web design provides the service of a top company and a most cost-effective rate.

Some things to look out for that will reflect a positive light over a company include:

  • A fast response to your query
  • A free one-on-one consultation
  • Willingness to accommodate your ideas and views
  • Expertise in web development (a site should work as good as it looks)
  • The use of the latest tools and practices
  • SEO web design (search engine optimisation is important in web design to help search ranking)

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Some web design companies have prices set in stone, but there are many others that are willing to negotiate and this is a good way to find an affordable service. Of course, talking about money can be awkward so do it early; do not start planning your website until you have had a chat about cost. Knowing what sort of budget you have available will also help the design company know what they are working with and whether they can meet your demands.

Finding affordable web design is certainly challenging, but with realistic requirements and budget, there will be a web design company willing to provide you with the perfect website for your business.

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