Client - La Favorita Delivered

The Brief

Client approached me looking for improvement in their organic search engine rankings within Google.  Their keyword positions prior to the work were non existant so advised them on undertaking an onsite and offsite search engine optimisation campaign over the length of 6 months.

The Work

The work was split into two parts.  The first part was making sure that the website itself was ticking all the boxes that Google wants to see such as making sure page titles, headers & internal linking etc were optimised.  In addition to that I made sure the code was clean and additional work was done making sure the site loaded fast for both the search engine and the user.

The second part of the work involved link building.  I would create content based around the industry and get the content published on other websites negotiating with site owners in order for a free link back to the La Fav domain.

The Outcome

The work was a 6 month contract and during this we achieved page 1 for 85% of target keywords and now the business is pretty much a household name in Edinburgh for takeaway pizza.

What The Client Had To Say

"Scott has been instrumental with our success online. Prior to us working together, our website was struggling in terms of search position as well as traffic numbers. After having worked with us on this we are happy to say that now, we are pretty much dominating our target market and our online performance has improved significantly. I highly recommend Scott to any business out their looking to make it online." 
Kenny Scott, Managing Director / La Favorita Ltd

Facebook PPC

Client - Corn Exchange Weddings

The Brief

The Edinburgh Corn Exchange approached me to help them on 2 fronts.  1.  To get more face to face meetings with prospects for their wedding venue service and 2.  To create a database of their target market which they could promote their annual wedding exhibition event here in Edinburgh.

The Work

The work was split into 3 main parts. 

  1. Create a new conversion focused website.
  2. Create an automated email sequence to market to the new prospect.
  3. Create a targeted marketing campaign on Facebook aimed at brides to be.

Their existing website was not set up in any way to convert the visitor so the first thing I done was create a conversion optimised website from the ground up for them which in turn would greatly increase the chances of them getting any sort of lead into their business. 

This new websites sole focus was to get the visitors email address in exchange for downloading the current wedding brochure PDF.

Once the visitor converted they were sent the PDF however they were also added to an automated email sequence through ActiveCampaign which sent the prospect to various other pages of the new website such advice articles on the blog "3 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day" etc as well as testimonials/case studies from couples who had used the Corn Exchange as their own wedding venue.

The method to this madness was to make sure that by the time we asked the prospect to come to the venue (We requested the meeting on the 4th email of the sequence), they had been "warmed up" to the brand and had a much higher chance of coming along.

Once this was all set up it was a case of finally creating a Facebook pay per click marketing campaign that focused in on ladies who had just become engaged who were based in the Edinburgh area.  We also split tested age ranges to see which converted for us the best.

When the Facebook campaign was ready to go it was simply a case of "turning on the tap" and sending the visitors to the new site.  Once it was up and running we were converting (getting their email address) for 40p.

The Outcome

As mentioned, we were paying as little as 40 pence for the conversion so within a month or two we seen an increase in the requests to meet and from this the client seen an increase in couples signing up to their wedding venue service.

In addition to that, from this work we managed to create a database of emails within ActiveCampaign which we can market to again and again for the cost of an email each year to promote the wedding exhibition which sells out fast!

What The Client Had To Say

"The level of professional website design & digital marketing we have received from Scott has been nothing short of exceptional. We feel that he has without doubt improved our websites visibility for all of our main areas and we at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange are reaping the benefits of all this work. I would be happy to recommend his services to other businesses out there looking to increase their own websites visibility."
Paul Demarco, Managing Director / Edinburgh Corn Exchange


Client - Company Policy

The Brief

Client approached me to help them get more online sales for their e-commerce website that sells compliance business packs to business owners in order to become/remain compliant.

The Work

After initial consultation & research it was agreed by both parties that the best way to approach this would be to set up a pay per click campaign using Google AdWords and drive that target to a landing page where we would gather their email, put the prospect through an email sequence and at the end of the sequence ask for the sale.

The reason I chose to do it this way was that I had reservations the visitor to the current client site would convert as the packs were in the range of £250 to £750.  I felt if we sent traffic to the site without educating them first, they would bounce once they seen the prices as well as the fact that the current site did not communicate the products features/benefits at all well.

So much in the same tradition of the work I had implemented for the Corn Exchange Weddings site I set it up so that the converted visitor on the new website would get something in exchange of their email (in this case it was a business plan template) and then continue to educate them through a series of 3 emails on why its in their best interests to buy a premium compliance pack.

I created a list of target keywords to test within AdWords as well as a number of ads that I could use to split test with to ensure that we are spending the budget wisely all the while making sure the ads are not appearing for junk terms (negative keywords) and wasting money.

Here is the raw data that was achieved during the 1st month of work:

  • Click through rate from Google to the new client site was 10.29%
  • Average cost per click was £0.52p
  • Cost per conversion was £1.40
  • Conversion rate of people landing on the new site and giving us their email address was 36.88%

The Outcome

The business finally started bringing in sales through their e-commerce website and the client was able to market to and build relationships with their prospects through on going email marketing outwith the sequence I had created for them as well as webinars to further prospect education prior to the high ticket purchase.

What The Client Had To Say

"Scott was taken on by Company Policy to advise us through Google AdWords and email marketing, his advice was brilliant, within days of implementing his work, the customer sales started almost immediately, we have used Scott on more than 1 occasion and would look no further for anyone else in this field. Like I always say if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Brilliant all-round service!"
Susan Brown, CEO / Company Policy

Sales Funnel

Client - Scott Heron

The Brief

As a full time freelancer I know that my time is very valuable to me so I felt that it was important for my business to have a system at hand that could communicate who I was, what I do and how I can help my target market without having to do traditional prospecting.

Traditional prospecting would be the case of having to be on hand to answer the phone to prospects (no matter how hot/cold they were) as well as have to do cold face to face meetings.  Both of these activities are extremely time consuming and have no guarantee of my bringing in sales.

The Work

I wanted to create 3 video presentations that could do this work for me that I could send to people.  These presentations would contain content that the prospect would consume in their own time and once they had done this they would be sent an application form for them to be considered one of my clients.

I knew that anyone who would go through this sequence and jump through the hoop of filling out an application form would be a better qualified lead than someone just picking up the phone and wanting to chat with me for half an hour.

Here is the sequence in full:

Step 1


The purpose of this step is to get the prospects attention as well as giving them a brief overview of what I do, my general process in marketing a website.

The video itself is a little bit frantically paced but i felt it needed to be to catch the attention of the prospect who will undoubtedly be shopping around at this point so the video is a good way for me to differentiate myself from the pack.

Step 2


Once the prospect has seen the initial video it is now time for me to show them some of the work I have done to build some trust for them and show them that I know what I am talking about.

This video is a bit slower because by now I am hoping I have got them hooked a little bit so they will be more open to a more involved video.

Step 3


By now they have seen who I am, what I do, my process and also some proof of my work.  I now ask them if they would like to book in to a free consultation on the next video.

If they wish to go ahead and spend some time with me over the phone they will need to go on to step 4.

Step 4

Now the prospect is fully educated on who I am and have given me the green light that they would like to work with me.  I however still want them to clarify a few things before I spend an hour on the phone with them so I now send them to an application form that will give me more information on them and what they wish to achieve as well as what their budget for the work is.

If the information contained within the form is a project I would like to work on and feel I can do a good job on we arrange a time to chat, otherwise I will tell them that I may not be the right fit for their requirements at this stage and point them in the direction that I think may help them.

The Outcome

The outcome of all of this is that it saves my time, simplifies my sales process & qualifies leads.

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