The Depressing Haze of Blue Light

Ever feel that life is passing you by so quickly?  I do.  Each day spent in front of a glowing screen from morning till … morning if I’m being honest.

Which got me thinking, what do I need to put in place to stop that feeling from happening?

The average day for me is to be at the desk by around 9am which I wont leave till about 6pm.  Then at night i’m pretty much cooped up in front of the TV with the Mrs all the while I’m intermittently checking the phone screen for the latest bullshit information I dont need.

We all know the sedentary lifestyle has a serious impact on health.

So with that in mind, the initial plan is to change my working hours from the usual 9 to 5 to a more early bird approach of 6 till 2.

That way it will allow me to have an afternoon to get away from the screen and engage in something more productive (hike, gym, run anything really!) for a few hours which will hopefully break the day up because right now I feel lost in a depressing haze of blue light.