Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Doing SEO On Your Website

Ah search engine optimisation, the holy grail of internet traffic.  Rank your website on the first page of Google and you can indeed expect to see a wave of free visitors who are searching for your goods and services.

Sounds great right?

Well I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t spent a penny or a minute of your time on search engine optimisation at all.  That is until you do some housekeeping before hand.

There have been so many businesses that have got in contact with me through the years asking me to do their SEO for them however I’ve had to blatantly refuse to do it because they have not implemented the housekeeping that I consider to be necessary before any work of this kind can be started.

Here are my top 3 reasons you shouldn’t spend your hard earned budget or time on search engine optimisation.

Reason #1:  Your Website Looks Like Trash

Why go to all the effort in spending your budget on SEO & linkbuilding, rank your website on page one only to discover your target market think your website looks terrible.

In today’s world it is increasingly important to have the best looking website out there to compete, or at the very least a modern one.  Today’s searcher can tell in an instant whether a website is legitimate and trustworthy as opposed to one that was knocked up in an afternoon, and your analytic stats will prove this.

A good website design can help immensely in visitor engagement.  Take a look at your visitor duration and your bounce rate within Google Analytics to tell what your traffic are actually doing when they hit your website.

Spent thousands of pounds on search engine optimisation only to find out your visitor stays on average of 2 seconds?  Bad news, get your website looking tip top first and foremost before you get started with your SEO.

Reason #2:  You’ve Not Tested Whether Your Target Keywords Will Convert

Whenever you embark on an SEO strategy, its always a good idea to have some concrete evidence before hand that the work you are about to implement will bring you in business.  Why on earth would you waste your precious time & money on something that may not bring you results?

Thankfully there is a way that we can check whether or not our chosen target keywords / search phrases will indeed bring home the bacon once we start ranking organically on Googles first page.

That way is through paid traffic also known as pay per click marketing, or Google AdWords to be precise.  You want to have a few campaigns in your AdWords account with a few months of data behind them that focus on your target search terms.  Make sure your website has conversion tracking installed so that you can see the raw data behind each keyword you target.

if X keyword is bringing you in plenty of conversions then you will know its a winner and is a viable term to focus on in your SEO efforts.  If Y keyword is bringing you in zero conversions after a few months then you know its a dud and you no longer need to target it in your organic search engine optimisation.

If you do this, you will begin to separate the wheat from the chaff and you will distil your keyword list into sure fire winners that you can be confident will convert for you because you now have the raw data that will back it up in your AdWords account.

Reason #3  SEO Is The Only Digital Marketing You Do

Even if you have a gorgeous website and you have created a list of high converting keywords through testing via Google AdWords.  I STILL wouldn’t advise that you spend your time, energy & your money on SEO if SEO is the only digital marketing you plan on doing for your business.

Why would I say that?

Well if there is one thing that time has told us in the past its that Google like to change things up often when it comes to their search algorithm, if you are ONLY doing search engine optimisation and your business is based off the success of ranking your website organically you are taking a MASSIVE risk.

You could wake up tomorrow and your website may have vanished off the front page due to an update that big daddy G are rolling out.

You would have no traffic…

No conversions…

No sales…

Due to the fact you had put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket.

I like to see search engine optimisation as the “cherry on top” of your online marketing efforts.  Make sure your site is modern and up to standards, do pay per click marketing, do content marketing, do video marketing, do blogging, do social media marketing and once you have those all in place THEN you can consider doing search engine optimisation.