Going Back To Basics

This has been on my mind for a while now, the thought of completely starting afresh with this, my personal website and I am happy to say that its in action now.  I was growing tired of the old design I had created here and feel its now the perfect time for a change of pace and a more minimal look.

There will of course be a lot of changes too, in the past I was using this domain purely to try out the latest web design techniques or coding or plugin or technique.  Essentially using this place as a crash test dummy prior to implementing things with confidence for my clients.

After all, its not that big of a deal if my own site dies as a result of my tinkering however if a client site dies … I die.

Well not really but I’d probably be on the receiving end of a very stern email from them to fix it!

As some of you will already know, my business website is http://edinburghseoservices.co.uk/ which hasn’t changed in over 5 years now, I am happy with it and it brings me in the odd lead now and again so I never really had any motivation to change it.

Its essentially a static site that gets no work done to it, I’m OK with that.

For http://scottheron.co.uk/ however, I want it to be a living breathing site that changes often and is updated regularly.  This site will allow my clients (or anyone else who is interested) to stay up to date with what I am up to as well as having the latest guides and advice aimed at business owners to get the most out of their website.

Speaking of guides and advice, its going to be my personal promise to you to keep them as short and succinct as possible, I know you are busy and I doubt you will have time to read a 15,000 word essay on how to optimise your website for conversions or something of that nature.

instead I am going to keep (or try to keep) every entry here to around the 400 to 600 word mark, so essentially a 5 minute read.  Kind of like this blog you are reading now!

With that said, I shall wrap up.  But before I do, you will notice to the left (or at the top if you are viewing this on mobile) of this page you will see my social profiles, it would be effin great if you connect with me through them, I plan on being active on those platforms also in line with this site.