Website Care

Why Website Care is Crucial For Your Business

Pretty much like every piece of software out there, your website needs to be looked after and taken care of for it to be working at peak performance.  Avoiding website care is pretty much like driving around in a car you never service.  Its an accident waiting to happen, I know this from experience.

When your business needs to be presented at its finest to your website visitors, it makes sense not to take these risks and make sure you are ready for your customers 24/7.

The Days of “Set & Forget” Websites are Long Gone

With so many moving parts in today’s modern websites, the days of chucking together some basic code and leaving it for the world to see are long gone.  When visitors come to your site and see an error, chances are they wont be returning any time soon.

The truth is, standard of business owners I work with simply dont have the time to be checking their own website every day and that could result in lost customers due to missed website errors and/or downtime.

The Benefits of Website Care

Its crucial that you as a business owner completely understand the benefits of website care.

Your websites performance, its uptime, its downtime and loadtime are all dependent on the websites content management system (WordPress in most cases) software and plugins all functioning in harmony and they should all be running on their latest versions.

The growth of your website and your business are dependent on you making sure you have someone on hand to implement these best practices & maintenance for you in a smooth error free way.

The Website Care Workflow

I take great care to first make a backup of your website, then I check after our updates to see if there are any issues.  The software I use keeps a record of the software that runs your website and which ones have been updated or need updating.

If there is ever an issue with your website, I can always revert back to an earlier version with ease.  In addition to this you will get access to reports on the performance of your website as well as ongoing security scans.

What this means is if I ever catch a software issue with your website I can address it even before you ever knew there was a problem.

The Perils of D.I.Y Website Care

If you are considering caring & maintaining your website on your own to save from any financial expense then you need to understand it may cost you more than you think in the long run.

If you simply update from within your WordPress dashboard you will never have a record of the changes you make.  Which in turn would likely make it extremely difficult (and costly) to decipher what specific change had caused any issues in the first place.

You would be forced to revert back to a very old backup and as a result of this would lose content changes, database entries, sales orders, the list goes on and on.

A Broken Website Costs Way More To Cure Than To Care

Lack of knowledge and a lack of action can cause serious issues and damage the look of your business website.  When that unfortunately happens you will have a touch choice to make.  You can either try and fix the issue yourself, which could result in even more damage being done.  Or you can pay huge amounts of money for a professional to repair it.

Much like the car you drive, it costs way more to fix it than it does to look after and care for it.  Regular changes to the oil will keep your vehicle running at peak performance, regular website care helps keep your website at peak performance.

Get Website Care Today

I’ve been creating websites for clients for just under a decade now, in my time the websites that perform the best are the ones where the business owner hires a professional to look after them for them.

You wouldn’t dream of going to court without a solicitor so why would you try to maintain your own website without the help of myself as your web professional?

By hiring myself to look after, update & maintain your website you will without doubt save yourself from inevitable headaches down the road.  Headaches that you as a busy professional dont need in your life as you will be taking care of the core aspects of your business instead of having to deal with your website all the time.

I urge you to get on a website care package today, if this is something you see the value in then check out the care plans here.