The Importance of Great Content and Copy in Business

Back in 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote an essay in which he proclaimed that ‘Content is King’. In his predictions for the future of the internet, Gates believed that content is where much of the real money would be made, just as it was in broadcasting. And guess what? He wasn’t wrong.

18 years after the essay was published, content is still king and showing no signs of surrendering its crown. If you want your business to reach out beyond its Edinburgh roots and appeal to the mass audience of the internet, content is the way to do it.

All bark and no bite

There is a common presumption among business owners, and indeed many web designers, that attractive websites are better websites – create the perfect website and the people will come. Unfortunately, success is not that simple.

While a well-designed website is of course important, if all it is is a home page with flashy graphics, people will simply not be interested. All bark and no bite does not work.

In this fast moving digital age people love information and they want to consume as much of it as possible. People want to go on to a website and see great content – words that can engross and compel them in to taking action. Failing to provide this content will cause the finished product to suffer a whole lot more than a poorly designed site would.

Content and Copywriting

Many people assume that content and copywriting are interchangeable terms that essentially mean the same thing. Well, while copywriting is a form of content, it is created with a very different objective.

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Content is a broad term that can be used to describe blogs, white papers, viral videos, and press releases – basically anything that has a marketing purpose. The idea behind producing great content is to attract people to your website, from there copywriting will take over.

Copywriting is designed to get the reader to take a specific action. This could involve making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or simply taking a more in-depth look around your website. Copywriting for websites consists mainly of sales pages that are cleverly worded in order to convince the reader that they would be worse off if they did not go through with what it is you are suggesting.

Together, content and copywriting make the perfect double act – one gets the customer into the store, the other convinces the customer to buy something. By producing great content and copy on your website, your business can benefit from higher search engine rankings and increased conversion rates. However, getting this double act to work perfectly in tandem cannot be done by anyone.

As much as you are an expert in your field, content and copywriters are experts in theirs. Great writing is a skill that is honed and crafted over time. There is a fine line between copy that converts and copy that bores – a line that only professional copywriters have learned to tread.

The deciding factor

Website content and copywriting can be the deciding factor in whether your business succeeds or fails. The words that your website displays must be relevant, interesting, and attention grabbing; they must tell the audience that your business is the best that Edinburgh has to offer and establish your brand as the authority in its niche.

Great copy written by great writers will enhance both the revenue and reputation of your business. Make sure your words are made to count.

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