Do You Use Multi-Tasking Website Content?

In these days of modern innovation, various ways of reaching out to your target audience help boost your business and make your brand stand out – but few more so than multi-tasking web content articles. Now before you envision sci-fi robots and artificial intelligence, know that what is meant by multi-tasking website content articles is that they perform several tasks all helping to bolster your business and gain awareness for your brand.

Both these goals are significant and realising them entails different approaches and means. And because website content – when you do it right – can do both at the same time, it is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. So how exactly does web content accomplish these astounding feats?

By Being Informative

Informing and educating your target market and the audience that visits your website or blog is important because it accomplishes a few very significant objectives, including:

  • Proving your value to your readers – by providing the information your audience is seeking out, you prove your worth and that you’re a “go-to guy;” a place they can rely on for relevant information.
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche – depending on the website content articles on your website or blog, you can increase your authority in your niche by proving yourself an expert or positioning yourself as a thought leader or innovator in the field.
  • Contributing to your niche or field of industry – every field is a community, and leave lasting impacts on people influenced.

By being informative, your web content articles deliver what many people on the web are after in the first place: information. This is the quintessential first step to bolstering your business and establishing your brand.

By Focusing on Targeted Keywords

Web content articles, aside from being the primary conveyor of information on the web, are also the primary means to optimise your website or blog for search engines. Web content is at the core of search engine optimisation, as only textual content can be “crawled” and “indexed” by search spiders, and textual anchors provide valuable insight into what your website or blog links and relates to.

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Indeed, web content also drives link building, which drives PageRank, a major indicator of authority and relevance within a given field. Keyword-targeted web content articles ensure optimisation while informing your readers on topics they want and need to know about. So you see, while undeniably busy providing information to your readers, your web content articles are also hard at work bringing you organic traffic from search engines, and being a vehicle for all-important linking.

By Leading to Conversions

Your web content articles comprise your sales pitches, your product information, your business information, and everything else that you stand for or represent online. But better yet, when written skilfully and with the express intent of marketing something, they can be very efficient salesmen.

A beautifully crafted call to action in a blog post can lead to various opportunities of generating leads and conversions. It’s true that very few visitors purchase instantly after the slightest hint of a push marketing effort – indeed most are not ready to purchase even after several return visits to your website or blog – but your web content can lead them into your sales funnel instead. They may not be buying now, but at least they are already within your buying cycle. They become leads that when nurtured the right way become conversions.

Odd, isn’t it? The mood swings of web content range from passive to aggressive – from merely informing to invoking action. Better still is that if you know how to, web content articles can do so much more to further your goals and your bottom-line. How does your web content contribute to the blossoming of your business? Is it a focal part of your marketing strategy yet?

Creating Multi-Tasking Website Content

To harness the multi-tasking prowess of great website content, you need to ensure you’re creating high-quality, informative, keyword optimised articles that call people to action. To accomplish the tasks we mentioned above, a few key steps are quintessential:

  • Keyword research — Knowing which keyword is used more in search can make a huge difference. For instance, should you use the whole term “search engine optimisation” or just its acronym, “SEO?” There are variations in keywords that you need to be aware of so you can properly leverage their popularity and usage. Yet another important facet of keyword research is finding out what keywords or search terms are trending in any particular time frame. Some forms of website content benefit from timeliness, much like news stories, and you can draw in a lot of traffic if you craft website content focused on hot and trending search terms.
  • Useful, updated, relevant information — Even if you or your business are yet to be authorities in your niche, you can still craft website content that is useful, updated, and relevant by looking to the best sources of information. Luckily, the Internet is abundant with such sources, from McKinsley to Nielsen Media to Forrester and even Harvard Business Review that offers some free material, there really is no excuse to churn out “thin” content that offers little value to your readers.
  • A well-crafted sales pitch — And of course, you also need to craft a great sales pitch and not just insert generic calls to action. A call to action does not need to be just a sentence or two. Your calls to action can start subtly and carry on slowly persuading your readers to read more, learn more, and eventually subscribe to your updates or even purchase your goods and services. A call to action can be an entire article, and a final statement can be the conclusive coup de grace that pushes readers into the action you want them to take.

Evidently, crafting effective, multi-tasking website content is no walk in the park. Skill, research, and writing style are all required, which means if you cannot do these yourself you will need to outsource the work to people who can. Don’t hesitate — the returns on such an investment, if you make the right choice, are simply huge. Make your website content multi-task for you — turn your articles into nearly hassle-free, automated marketing machines.

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