New Year, New Design

One of the advantages of being a web designer is the cool fact that I can tinker and redesign my own website as and when I wish. I probably do that more than I should (if you were to look at all the updates on for example) but its probably just par for the course of being a designer.

Anyways, I thought I would give this very site a new lick of paint for 2017, really pushing the simple/minimal style that I personally love. I think this style really suits the direction of the site anyway so its a win win.

As some of you will be aware, this site is pretty much fully transformed from a landing page style website over to a functional breathing blog. That’s not to say there are no landing pages within this site, but I wont be using the homepage for that purpose.

Instead, I’m really interested to see the impact this direction will have on my site traffic as well as conversions from the site also, all of which are getting tracked of course.

What I am finding, even in this very short time, is that the traffic is a hell of a lot more engaged with the content than before. Lower bounce rate, longer average time on the site and generally across the board positive stats from my analytics reporting seem to highlight that this change, or at the very least this style of site (blog over landing page) is being better received by the general folk that arrive here.

Which to me is a positive start, I am really keen to see what the stats will look like at the end of the year though because just 1 month into this change is not enough raw data for me to be 100% confident and/or convinced that blogging will without doubt be a better website model for my bottom line and thus my business.

But if I dont test these things I will never find out I guess.