Portfolio Spotlight #1 – The Edinburgh Corn Exchange

The brief

  • Client had approached me to help them with their paid advertising for their existing website, mainly AdWords initially.
  • Wanted more enquiries to come through from their website which in turn would be passed on to their sales department to arrange a tour of the venue.
  • Client wanted to target couples who had recently been engaged.

My Approach

  • Created a brand new standalone WordPress website as opposed to sending traffic to their existing bland & non optimised wedding venue page on their corporate site.
  • Gathered leads from the website.  This was done in the way of a “bribe” for the wedding brochure.  “You give us your email, we will send you the wedding brochure.”
  • Sent relevant targeted traffic through both Google AdWords & Facebook ads to the new homepage.
  • Once the prospect had submitted their email, they were then put through an automated email sequence.

The Results

The client now receives a steady flow of qualified leads on a daily basis to their business.  These leads get educated on the clients business through the automated email sequence and as a result of this have a much higher percentage chance of agreeing to come in to view the venue and to have a face to face chat with the sales rep.

This has resulted in the client booking substantially more weddings than ever before to the point where they are full up and now have a waiting list to get seen, something they have never had to do in the past.

This could only be possible through putting into place an effective strategy on creating a design that resonated with their target market, creating engaging content both on their blog as well as their automated emails and finally through sending relevant, targeted traffic from both Google AdWords & Facebook.

What The Client Said

“The level of professional website design & digital marketing we have received from Scott has been nothing short of exceptional. We feel that he has without doubt improved our websites visibility for all of our main areas and we at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange are reaping the benefits of all this work. I would be happy to recommend his services to other businesses out there looking to increase their own websites visibility.”

Paul Demarco
Managing Director / Edinburgh Corn Exchange