Portfolio Spotlight #4 – Nicholas Hill Garden Construction

The brief

  • Client requested a visually striking website to help showcase his services to his visitors.
  • Needed the option of blogging functionality to keep his existing clientele in the loop of seasonal promotions.
  • Requested an overall visual upgrade on the site itself as well as user experience as his old site was laid out chaotically as well as being slow to load.

My Approach

  • Gathered up as many high quality images the client had on their work.
  • Installed an image slider on the homepage so the visitor can browse through the quality work that has been produced in the past from the client.
  • Created a mobile responsive site as his old site was not optimised for mobile devices, which going from the clients analytics data was something that was top priority.

The Results

The client now has a super fast WordPress website that acts as a fantastic showcase of their work.  Not only does the site look visually appealing, it is also performing really well in terms of the search engines and visitor numbers.  As a result of this, we have seen a dramatic increase in the leads/enquiries coming through the website which in turn has had an extremely positive effect on the clients bottom line.