Why You Need SEO Content Writing Services In 2020

There is an old phrase in internet marketing that says, “Content is king.” It was first used by Bill Gates back in 1996 and remains every bit as relevant in 2020. Content these days is much more than text. Pictures, videos, presentations, and infographics have all grown in popularity and all have tremendous search engine optimisation benefits; however, it is the good old written word that still leads the way. If you are looking to boost the ranking of your website within the Google search results, articles and blogs are the way to do it, but it can’t just be any old written content, it must be fresh, informative and, most of all, quality. This year, possibly more than any that have gone before it, demands the services of SEO content writers and over the course of this post I will attempt to explain why you should hire such services.

Increasing traffic

Some of the reasons for hiring content writing services never change and the increasing traffic is one of them. Regardless of what type of website you run, we all share that same desire of attracting as many visitors as possible. When done correctly, articles and blog posts are still the best way to elevate the ranking of a website in the search rankings and there is no one better than professional SEO writers at doing this.

Google values fresh content

Websites that do not update content regularly will be ignored by search engines in favour of sites that publish new articles on a regular basis. If you have put yourself in charge of writing content, producing new articles every few days on top of all of your other duties within the business can be extremely difficult and even if you do manage to find the time to write something, there is no guarantee that you can give it your full attention. Hiring a content writing service instantly takes the burden off your shoulders and allows you to concentrate on other areas of the business. What’s more, you can rely on a steady stream of SEO articles on your site – something for which Google will love you.

Google has evolved

In early days of SEO, so long as you knew how to use a word processor and string a sentence together, there was no need to hire a content writing service at all. This is because quality content mattered not in achieving a prominent ranking for your website. In fact, if you were able to go back and see some of the stuff that was being churned out 5-10 years ago, you’ll see that a lot of it didn’t even make sense. SEO writing back in the day was all about cramming as many keywords into an article as possible, without any regard for human readers.

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Today, Google is very different and now puts the user experience at the very top of its agenda. In 2011, the search engine released its ‘Panda’ update and followed it up in 2012 with the ‘Penguin’ update. Both of these major algorithm changes not only changed Google for the user, but also turned the world of SEO on its head. The main aim of Panda and Penguin is to promote high-quality content by pushing it up the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), sending low-quality content in the opposite direction.

In order to achieve a high ranking for your website in 2020, content must be nothing less that top-quality – both on and off-page. Articles and blog posts must be relevant, informative, and interesting to the user and contain the right amount of keywords in the correct places to benefit a search ranking. Unless you are fully confident in your ability to write quality SEO content, you should look at outsourcing the work to a content writing service.

Good content helps link building

Along with content, link building is a key element of search engine optimisation and a great way to enhance your reputation and presence online. Much like how content was affected by Google’s major algorithm updates, link building took a similar hit, and many of the popular methods and techniques were devalued for being deemed low quality. 2020 is all about earning quality links, and what is the best way to do this? With great content of course! By hiring a content writing service, you are guaranteeing yourself the work of a professional standard. This content will take care of link building all by itself simply by being quality.

If your website features good content that your audience feel is useful, they will be compelled to share it with visitors on their own website or through social media accounts. This gets links to your website and exposes your products and services to a completely new audience without you having to provide any link in return.

You can also use a writing service to your benefit to produce guest blog posts; these are another great way of getting links to your site, and will help establish the reputation of your business online.

Professional work

SEO content writers are experts in their field, much as you are an expert in yours. They know exactly how to write content in a way that “pleases” the search engines. It is their job to produce articles that engage the reader yet are laced with the right amount of keywords to help push your site up the search rankings. They are able to work to your instructions and stick to deadlines, ensuring you are provided with written content that gives you a distinct edge over competitors.

If you had a problem with your car engine, would you attempt to fix it yourself or seek out the services of a qualified mechanic? I know what I’d do, and the same goes for writing – if you want quality content, don’t do it yourself, get the professionals in!

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