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SEO can be maddening, can’t it?

You know that you have to rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to succeed. But ranking high is not only difficult, it’s also a minefield of misinformation and questionable tactics. Well, I’m here to put an end to that.

Put simply, I can get you ranking high on the Search Engines with professional, affordable SEO services that will cut through the fluff and deliver you exactly what you want – a high Search Engine Rank that brings targeted visitors to your website.

Effective, Ethical SEO Services

My name is Scott Heron, and I’m a freelance digital marketing consultant who specializes in SEO for businesses of any size. And I can help your business succeed online by obtaining you a search engine ranking you cannot obtain yourself. In addition, your site will rank honestly and ethically, without the spamming and “dirty tricks” some in the SEO industry practice (which can get you banned from search engines.)

There’s no “magic” involved with what I do – it’s a combination of effective individual page optimization, the honest building of backlinks, a solid social media strategy, the right keywords at the right ratios, and more. Essentially, I put together all the obscure pieces that make up a solid SEO strategy, and ensure that your website puts its best foot forward in the eyes of the Search Engines.

I do this because THAT’S how you get a high rank. Truthfully, SEO boils down to simple logic: The Search Engines are in business to provide web surfers with the very best websites for their query. They use algorithms and have specific criteria to determine the best websites. What I do is make your website satisfy those criteria, and get you a seat at the King’s Table.

I have success in this because I do this the way the search engines want it done. This is important – too many companies try and “trick” the search engines, and trust me, the search engines do not like that (and continually blacklist sites who practice such.) With me, you know that everything I do for you is above-board.

Affordable SEO as Well…

Professional SEO services need not cost a fortune. My services are top-notch, yet they are affordable to smaller businesses. Because I’m a consultant, I do not have the overhead of costly offices and an army of employees. I offer several different packages, which are sure to suit any size business or budget. In addition, I have years of experience in SEO and helping companies reach the top, and continually keep up with the different search engine’s search criteria (which change all the time).

Continued SEO Service

Truthfully, that last part is important. SEO is not a “one time” service – it’s a continual process, as the Search Engine criteria constantly change, and your competition is always trying to jump over you as well. With me on your side, you can be assured that your website will always be seen by web searchers, and remain competitive.

If you want to rank highly on search engines, you owe it to yourself to get a free quote.

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