4 Crucial SEO Tips For Your Edinburgh Website

I’ve talked in the past about a few of the things not to do when using SEO in Edinburgh (Or anywhere for that matter!). This time around I will mention a few things that you SHOULD do to your site to ensure that it can climb that little bit higher to the number one spot in all the major search engines.

By now you should know the basic process that happens when someone is looking online for a product or service. The user will enter in a term (often called a keyword) into the search box of their favourite search engine and that will in turn, display a vast array of relevant results to the user.

The unfortunate thing for website owners is that these search engines usually display only ten results each time. That is a lot of websites not even being noticed by users each and every day. What are the steps you can take to make sure that your site stands a better chance of being found by the many people searching online? Well this article should shed light on a few of the positive measures you can take to improve your online visibility.

Implementing the correct SEO campaign is key to your online success and many companies in Edinburgh are already reaping the benefits from hiring an SEO freelancer to do this for them.

Most business owners invest a small fortune into their web properties, incidentally they fail to plan their strategy in getting targeted search engine traffic to their websites. Back in the early days, all that was really required to launch a successful site was a nice design and then maybe submit it to a handful of web directories. That is not the case any more.

Since those days, the internet has of course came a long way and the search engines that demand relevance for users quires and questions are becoming more and more advanced on how they rank the sites in each of their indexes.

These days the owner of a website will need to do a lot of homework if they are to achieve first page rankings. They must create a website around what people are searching for, this process is commonly referred to keyword research. They must then create relevant content around that research and promote it through all the relevant means at their disposal. Sounds tough and it is.

It is also important to note that SEO will always come with some risk, do the wrong thing and the project can go down the tubes.

We will go into a few steps you can take that will improve you search engine rankings in a safe manner and should enable you to eventually get targeted traffic

1.  Have A Clean HTML Code

The search engines love clean program code to read, you will be at a disadvantage if your code was designed in Microsoft Word as this itself, creates very messy HTML code. Use notepad, WordPress or DreamWeaver instead.

2.  Have Unique Quality Content

There is a huge benefit to having original content on your site. First of all it will be what the search engines will read to determine what your site is about and secondly it can be the factor that decides whether or not a visitor wishes to buy anything from you. Make sure the content is relevant to your service or product and you will be heading in the right direction.

3.  Make Sure Your Tags Are Relevant

There are areas in the code that creates a page which gives big clues to the search engines what your site is about. Title tags and H tags are very important and if you optimise these correctly the search engines will fall in love with your site.

4.  Internal Linking

This is another area where so many companies fail in their SEO as they completely forget to create an internal linking structure. Implementing this will allow the search engine spiders to crawl your site with ease as well as it improves the user experience.

Don’t worry if all this is sounding very foreign to you, help is at hand and if you wish to learn more about SEO and you feel your companies website will benefit from gaining ground in the search engine rankings then by all means get in touch with me today.