WordPress Web Design That Get Results

Greetings website owner.

I’d like the opportunity to address WordPress web design for your website, whether you currently use WordPress or some other content management system (CMS). In fact, what I want to share with you is applicable for websites that do not use a CMS at all:

Sites built with WordPress get results – but only if they are designed properly!

WordPress is, by far, the most popular CMS on the market. It is used by business owners, bloggers, non-profits, and just about every kind of entity you can think of. You should be using it if you want a website that is easy to maintain but still capable of getting excellent results.

For the record, 74.6 million websites around the world were powered by WordPress as of 2014. Those sites generated 37 million keyword searches per month. Is your website among them? If not, it should be. And I can help make it happen.

My name is Scott Heron, and I am an online marketing consultant and WordPress web designer. I can help you achieve your online goals by working with you to create a WordPress website capable of generating a lot of traffic and subsequent sales.

Why WordPress?

The hard-core web coders insist that building a website with WordPress is not real web development. But so what? Your goal as a business owner is to have a site that reaches your customers and sells your products or services. How you get there is irrelevant.

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It is irrelevant EXCEPT for the investment in time and finances required.

The big problem with hard-coded websites is that they cost a lot of money to produce – money you may not have as a small business owner. They also require you to keep paying a web development company for expensive regular updates.

WordPress solves both of those problems!

Using WordPress to build your site from scratch saves time because everything is built on databases and CSS templates. There is no hard coding involved. Anyone who can use a word processor can put together a very nice WordPress site with very little effort. Updating is just as easy.

I can build your WordPress site from scratch and then turn over all maintenance and updates to you. Alternatively, if you prefer, I can handle everything entirely. The point is, it will be cheaper because we are using WordPress rather than hard coding everything.

We Will Work Together

You are the ultimate owner of your website, not me. Therefore, you need to be involved in the process of designing and maintaining it. In essence, we will work together to create something we can both be proud of.

For the record, I am not a newbie with limited experience in a few WordPress templates. I am an experienced online marketer, SEO provider, and website designer with years of experience working with companies you may already be familiar with. I would be honoured to add you to my client list.

All we need to get started is a great idea and a willingness to see your business succeed. We can work with an existing template or create one from scratch. Moreover, we can choose from literally thousands of plug-ins that can enhance your website with everything from chat boxes to interactive polls to automated SEO tools.

Your Website Will Benefit!

As an experienced online marketer, web designer and SEO expert I know that the only thing that matters to you are the results. Your website will benefit from experience-driven WordPress design. How? Check out the following:

  • More Traffic – WordPress sites already generate tremendous traffic. A well-designed site with built-in SEO will do even better.
  • Better User Experience – User experience is key to keeping visitors on your site. Together, we can create a WordPress site that maximises user experience.
  • Better Conversion Rates – WordPress is ideal for managing content that directly reaches your customers. When content is managed well, conversion rates go up.
  • Customer Interaction – WordPress is also the ideal platform to encourage your customers to interact with you. I can teach you how, whether you hire me for maintenance and updates or do them on your own.
  • Ease-Of-Use – There is no guarantee you and I will work together forever. The best thing about WordPress is that it is so easy to use. Even if we part ways, you will be able to keep using WordPress just as you would a word processor. It is just that simple!

You want results. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wasting your time trying to put together a website. The truth is, we have something in common. You want results … and I know how to produce them with WordPress.

Do not let your current website continue to languish due to poor design and functionality. Let us upgrade your site with a unique WordPress design that fits your company to a tee. If you don’t have a website yet, let’s build one from the ground up. In no time at all, you’ll be reaching your target audience and growing your business.

Not Sure WordPress Really Works?

It’s understandable that you might think what I have to say is nothing more than fanciful marketing claims designed to get you to commit. I would never do that!

  • WordPress is five times more popular among business sites than news sites
  • As of June 2013, WordPress had been downloaded 46 million times
  • WordPress boasts more than 29,000 plug-ins
  • The WordPress.com website gets more unique visitors than Amazon (US)
  • WordPress sites account for 22% of all new domain registrations (US)

The fact that so many individuals, businesses, and organisations are using WordPress should say something. It does. In fact, it says a lot.

WordPress is extremely popular because it is designed for people like you and me. It’s intended to make building a great website as easy as possible so that you’re not spending thousands of pounds you don’t need to spend.

It Is Just As Good

You might be wondering how a WordPress site can be as good as one hard-coded by a university trained web developer. Well, it comes down to the underlying code.

The same code that powers the expensive hard-coded website also powers WordPress. It is just that WordPress is a CMS that delivers that code already in place. Designing a new site is about inputting the information your users will see. This saves you time and money across the board.

Think of it as the difference between riding a horse and driving a car. Plenty of people resisted the car at the turn of the 20th century. After all, horses did the job just fine. But why stick with the horse when a car accomplishes the same thing faster, more conveniently and less expensively?

I choose to work with WordPress because it lets me help my customers while not charging them a small fortune. My customers love WordPress because they get quality websites that achieve results, at a fraction of the price.

Look, if WordPress didn’t work as well as hard-coded websites for business purposes, there would not be nearly 75 million active WordPress sites now in existence.

So Here’s What I Can Do for You:

My WordPress web design service is focused on achieving your goals as a business owner. I want you to succeed online. Moreover, my goal is the same whether you need a new site from scratch, or you want to update an existing site.

When we work together on your site, I will:

  • Design a site that is visually attractive
  • Design a site that is productive
  • Be ready to receive your input at every step
  • Work with you to implement your vision
  • Answer your questions quickly and accurately
  • Keep you in the design loop
  • Teach you to handle updates, or handle them for you

WordPress is a CMS that is as simple to use as anything on the market. That said, there is a slight learning curve. The advantage of working with me is that I have already learned how it works.

A Scott Heron designed WordPress website will meet all your expectations without draining your bank account. You will start seeing results for your business within a very short time. I know, because I’ve seen results myself.

Let’s Get Started Today

As I’ve mentioned multiple times here, working with WordPress for your website saves money by saving time. I want to save you as much as I can as a new and valued customer.

My rates right now are very competitive compared with other WordPress web designers; they are much better than the rates for hard-coded sites. If we get started on your website within the very near future, I can promise you will get my best possible rate.

Nevertheless, that rate may not last.

As demand increases, I need to raise my prices to account for all the extra business. If you want to save as much money as possible, we need to get working on your WordPress website as soon as we can.

Your Customers Are Waiting

The data clearly show that online business is no longer a small segment of the overall economic picture. Online business is growing by leaps and bounds every year; it will eventually dominate all other forms of commerce combined.

You need to get on board as soon as possible. After all, your customers are waiting to find you online.

The sooner we can get your site up and running, the sooner your customers will be able to find you and your business. Once they find you, the content we create will keep them coming back time and again.

Then it’s up to you to provide the products and services they want. If you succeed, they will tell their friends.

To that end, I can include SEO, online marketing, and social media integration with your website. Trust me; all of it is necessary to effectively compete. Even so, I will still not charge you an arm and a leg for integration services.

There is no time to waste in the highly competitive online marketplace. If you are not online yet, you need to be. If you are, you need to make sure your website is optimised for the best possible results.

I can help. I want to help. Contact me right away, so we can discuss your WordPress website in more detail. I need to understand your goals as a business owner; you need to understand how my web design service can benefit your business.

Fail to Act and You Could Lose

I don’t mean to seem alarmist here, but destiny, karma, or serendipity landed you on my website. Now is the time to act on what you’ve learned about WordPress. If you fail to act, you could lose out to the competition.

All across the UK there are business owners who are simply unwilling to move into the 21st century. They are still riding horses while the rest of us are driving sports cars. And guess what? They are slowly going out of business – one business at a time.

If you do not act today, it is not likely you will be closing the doors tomorrow. However, every day you wait is another day lost to the competition. String enough of those days together, and you may eventually close your doors for good.

Be part of the internet age with a superbly designed WordPress website that provides functionality, productivity and, most of all:


In Summary …

Both of us know you need an effective website to compete in the digital business arena. You now also know how effective a WordPress site can be when designed by someone with experience. The obvious conclusion is:

You and I need to get together and start planning your WordPress website as soon as possible.

The internet and your customers are waiting. Do not keep them waiting any longer.

Let’s get to work on your new website!

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