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Navigating the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can be daunting, but with Heron Digital by your side, you're set for success. We understand the intricacies of PPC and are here to help your business shine in the digital realm.

Vittoria Group

Tony Crolla

Group Chairman, Vittoria Group

Scott has been instrumental with our success online. Prior to us working together, our website was struggling in terms of search position as well as traffic numbers. After having worked with us on this we are happy to say that now, we are pretty much dominating our target market and our online performance has improved significantly. I highly recommend Scott to any business out their looking to make it online.


Duncan Baldwin

International Marketing Director / Angus Dundee Distillers

I employed Scott for about a year, specifically to initiate a design & marketing exercise on our main website. Having agreed a set of keywords with Scott, he set about optimising them in terms of Google searches. Scott’s efforts resulted in several keywords getting onto Google’s first page and a greater number of people hitting our company’s website. This was a successful and thoroughly professional exercise, well executed.


Robin Knox

Managing Director / Intelligent Point Of Sale Limited

Scott has been managing our website since it was created. He has steadily helped to improve our ranking for the selected keywords, achieving first page of google results and number one positions for us. Since undertaking this activity we have seen the quality of our web enquiries improve dramatically which has in turn resulted in more sales for our organisation. I would highly recommend Scott and his service and already plan to use him for our next website.

Cheeky Chompers

Carrie Robertson

Owner, Cheeky Chompers

Scott has been a great asset to the Cheeky Chompers team and helped drive our Ecommerce platform and digital marketing to the next level. From migrating to a Shopify site, setting up and managing Klaviyo email flows to PPC management and technical support, Scott has worked hard to increase our D2C sales and return on investment from this channel.


Derek Gibb

Director / James Gibb Management Ltd

I would like to thank Scott Heron for all the work he has done to our site. Since we started with him our website has come from obscurity to page number one on Google in virtually no time at all. His comprehensive updates plotting our websites progress are easy to follow and clearly quantify the benefit of his services. I would highly recommend Scott to any business wanting to obtain a better web presence.


Wasim Ahmed

Owner / Wazookah

We reached out to Scott to help with our website redesign after using him previously for other work on one of our other businesses many years ago. We wanted to modernise our current website and decided to move over to a new platform. We needed help in realising our vision and Scott was fantastic from start to finish. His expertise and advice had already paid dividends and will be using him for any future projects.

Lazenby PT

Matt Lazenby

Owner / Lazenby PT

If you are looking for digital marketing services I really can’t recommend Scott Heron highly enough. I found Scott very easy to work with, he handled me exceptionally well, and I can be a very demanding client to say the least! He is very upfront about exactly what he is going to do and what results you can expect. Above all Scott is passionate about digital marketing, and it shows!

The Answer Centre

Andy Gillen

Owner / The Answer Centre

Thank you Scott for an incredibly productive day of SEO Training, it was excellent. Scott’s knowledge and experience in the SEO industry is second to none. SEO can be a confusing topic, but Scott is extremely patient and clear in his approach and he demystified many areas of SEO. I would highly recommend Scott to any business looking to get their web site ranking highly on the search engine results pages.

1st Class

Dawn Lawson

Director / 1st Class Secretarial Services

Scott has been assisting our company achieve a top ranking in Google in what is quite a competitive marketplace. We have always been on the first couple of pages of Google and Yahoo, but with his expertise and skill we are now routinely in the top spot in both Search Engines. This is quite an achievement to get and remain in this position and we are now beginning to see the results with a greater number of enquiries coupled to sales is the proof.

Xpress Recruitment

Paul Wilson

Director / Xpress Recruitment

Xpress Recruitment have worked with Scott for several years now, when we initially decided as a company that we needed to invest in our overall search optimisation and website presence. We have found over the years that this partnership with Scott has indeed been truly beneficial in helping in the continued growth and development of Xpress Recruitment.

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Bonk & Co

SEO / Content / Keyword Research

Bonk & Co Case Study LS

Bonk & Co

SEO / Content / Keyword Research

Boost Your Business Growth with Expert PPC Management

Make your Traffic Work for You!

When it comes to growing a successful online business, traffic is key.

Quite simple, If people don’t know your website exists, you won’t make any money from it! The good news is that you can take advantage of several ways to attract visitors.

One way is Pay Per Click (PPC), which is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Click (CPC). This is paid search marketing, which involves buying ads on search engines, mostly on a PPC basis.

I am Scott Heron, a web services consultant whose specialist skills include Pay Per Click management for a wide range of businesses. I pride myself on going the extra mile for my clients. I drive traffic to their websites, but that’s not all.

I drive the right traffic at the right time, effectively taking the customer from the search engine page through to exactly what they are looking for. The result? Happy, satisfied customers, and financial rewards for you!

What Exactly is Pay Per Click Marketing?

It’s a pretty simple concept. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines generate website listings on a per bid basis.

This is a separate list to the natural search results, which are created using keywords within your site content, links to your site and some other factors. When the search engine results appear, you will see ads on the right of and also above these natural results.

The ads are sold in the style of an auction: you bid for what you want to pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad. If you are the highest bidder, you have a chance of appearing at number 1 in the sponsored results.

So Why Should you Invest in my Pay Per Click Management Service?

Today’s online business world is a tough place. It is an increasingly competitive marketplace, with millions of websites fighting for those top search engine rankings.

The days when you could throw together a website, insert a few ads and keywords and sit back and wait for the money to roll in are long gone! Nowadays, it’s all about strategy.

Pay Per Click is only one element of a successful online business strategy, but it is an important element. It might sound simple, but it’s actually pretty easy to get it wrong – and that can be catastrophic for your business.

Great PPC Management Gets Results; Poor PPC Management Wastes Money!

If your Pay Per Click campaigns are not managed in the right way, you can quickly end up spending a huge amount of money and have nothing to show for it (even if you manage to generate a high number of visitors).

Common pitfalls include finding yourself in a bidding war over a particular keyword phrase, getting carried away and spending a lot more than you are likely to make, and attracting too much junk traffic to your site (one of the quickest ways to ruin your campaign).

I can take away these concerns by carefully managing your PPC campaign and focusing on conversions, not clicks.

I will help you get the most out of your Pay Per Click advertising by choosing the right keyword phrases, making adjustments to the current market conditions and keeping your short and medium term goals in mind at all times.

Hire me to help you – you won’t be disappointed!

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