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The Edinburgh Corn Exchange

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Lazenby PT

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Concept Clean

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SQL Training

SQL training

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Mini French

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Chelsea Royal Gin

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Golf n Scotland

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Nick Hill Garden Construction

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“Scott has been instrumental with our success online. Prior to us working together, our website was struggling in terms of search position as well as traffic numbers. After having worked with us on this we are happy to say that now, we are pretty much dominating our target market and our online performance has improved significantly. I highly recommend Scott to any business out their looking to make it online.”
Kenny Scott
Managing Director / La Favorita Ltd

The level of professional website design & digital marketing we have received from Scott has been nothing short of exceptional. We feel that he has without doubt improved our websites visibility for all of our main areas and we at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange are reaping the benefits of all this work. I would be happy to recommend his services to other businesses out there looking to increase their own websites visibility.”
Paul Demarco
Managing Director / Edinburgh Corn Exchange

“Scott has been managing our website since it was created. He has steadily helped to improve our ranking for the selected keywords, achieving first page of google results and number one positions for us. Since undertaking this activity we have seen the quality of our web enquiries improve dramatically which has in turn resulted in more sales for our organisation. I would highly recommend Scott and his service and already plan to use him for our next website.”
Robin Knox
Managing Director / Intelligent Point Of Sale (sales) Limited

“I would like to thank Scott Heron for all the work he has done to our site. Since we started with him our website has come from obscurity to page number one on Google in virtually no time at all. His comprehensive updates plotting our websites progress are easy to follow and clearly quantify the benefit of his services. I would highly recommend Scott to any business wanting to obtain a better web presence.
Derek Gibb
Director / James Gibb Management Ltd

“I employed Scott for about a year, specifically to initiate a design & marketing exercise on our main website. Having agreed a set of keywords with Scott, he set about optimising them in terms of Google searches. Scott’s efforts resulted in several keywords getting onto Google’s first page and a greater number of people hitting our company’s website. This was a successful and thoroughly professional exercise, well executed.”
Duncan Baldwin
International Marketing Director / Angus Dundee Distillers

“Xpress Recruitment have worked with Scott for several years now, when we initially decided as a company that we needed to invest in our overall search optimisation and website presence, we decided to consult with several locally based organisations, once we had met with Scott and we had outlined what we were looking to do and achieve – Scott, very quickly grasped the exactly remit and very quickly came back to Xpress with a clear map and solution as to how he could deliver to Xpress what they were looking to achieve in their goals and objectives by working in partnership with him. We have found over the years that this partnership with Scott has indeed been truly beneficial in helping in the continued growth and development of Xpress Recruitment.
Paul Wilson
Director / Xpress Recruitment

“If you are looking for digital marketing services I really can’t recommend Scott Heron highly enough. I found Scott very easy to work with, he handled me exceptionally well, and I can be a very demanding client to say the least! He is very upfront about exactly what he is going to do and what results you can expect. Above all Scott is passionate about digital marketing, and it shows! I contacted over a dozen companies before choosing Scott and now, over a year later, I’m still ranked number one by Google for my chosen keywords and the work Scott did is still bringing in new business. Working with Scott is without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made with regard to boosting my online presence.
Matt Lazenby
Owner / Lazenby PT

“Thank you Scott for an incredibly productive day of SEO Training, it was excellent. Scott’s knowledge and experience in the SEO industry is second to none. SEO can be a confusing topic, but Scott is extremely patient and clear in his approach and he demystified many areas of SEO. I would highly recommend Scott to any business looking to get their web site ranking highly on the search engine results pages.”
Andy Gillen
Owner / The Answer Centre

“Scott has been assisting our company achieve a top ranking in Google in what is quite a competitive marketplace. We have always been on the first couple of pages of Google and Yahoo, but with his expertise and skill we are now routinely in the top spot in both Search Engines. This is quite an achievement to get and remain in this position and we are now beginning to see the results with a greater number of enquiries coupled to sales is the proof. We can’t recommend Scott highly enough, his professionalism when undertaking this task has been superb, well worth the investment!
Dawn Lawson
Director / 1st Class Secretarial Services

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I've talked in the past about a few of the things not to do when using SEO in Edinburgh (Or anywhere for that matter!). This time around I will mention a few things that you SHOULD do to your site to ensure that it can climb that little bit higher to the number one spot in all the major search engines. By now you should know the basic process that happens when someone is looking online for a product or service. The user will enter in a term (often called a keyword) into the search box of their favourite search ...

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Before we begin, it is important that you answer one question. It is crucial that you are absolutely honest with yourself when answering this question. In this vast ocean that we refer to as the Internet, would you consider yourself a shark, or shark bait? If you said that you were a shark, I would like to introduce you to my Edinburgh web design services, your one stop shop for everything related to helping your site. As you know, the Internet is an extremely competitive realm and shark bait does not last long. When it comes to individuals seeking web ...

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance SEO In Edinburgh

In this day and age, the Internet has taken over practically every form of business advertising and marketing. Where newspaper ads and clever radio promotions used to be the best form of advertising your product or services locally to potential clientele, now this advertisement has become a virtual one. While Internet marketing can be an affordable and profitable alternative to other marketing sources, knowing how and where to advertise is important. Customers in Edinburgh have thousands, if not millions, of businesses to choose from for any specific product or service, due to the fact the Internet can provide someone in ...

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This is our second part in our SEO Edinburgh series in how to rank for keywords. If you have read the first part you will have know that we have chosen the term “SEO Edinburgh” as the keyword we would like this website to rank high in the search engines for. As was mentioned in the last part, this information should be useful to any business owner as you can learn how we go about achieving high positions in the organic SERP’s. You can then decide if you wish to do this yourself or failing that let us do the ...

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The term SEO Edinburgh is a keyword that any search engine optimisation company in Scotland would like to rank high in Google for. The reason for this is so that they can bring in more targeted visitors to their website. I am no exception to this and I wanted to give you the reader an opportunity to see a live experiment on how a website can climb higher in the rankings by choosing a keyword and promoting it in the proper way. Our keyword of choice for this Experiment is “SEO Edinburgh“. “What has this “SEO Edinburgh” experiment got to ...

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We are in the technology age but despite how much hype there is about technology, there are many people who are struggling to incorporate technology into their business. Every business needs a website. If put to strategically, your website might just turn out to be your most effective marketing tool. You must be curious to know how to make your website create magic for you. This article will touch on a few ways you can apply to make your website do the selling for you. Be Different If your website will be your primary marketing tool, make it special. Take ...