Engaging the engaged: How a website refresh & PPC marketing was love at first sight for The Edinburgh Corn Exchange

Corn Exchange Edinburgh

Paul Demarco

Owner / Edinburgh Corn Exchange

The level of professional website design & digital marketing we have received from Scott has been nothing short of exceptional. We feel that he has without doubt improved our websites visibility for all of our main areas and we at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange are reaping the benefits of all this work. I would be happy to recommend his services to other businesses out there looking to increase their own websites visibility.


Unlocking New Avenues for Wedding Venue Success

The Edinburgh Corn Exchange approached me to help them on 2 fronts.

  1. To get more face to face meetings with prospects for their wedding venue service and
  2. To create a database of their target market which they could promote their annual wedding exhibition event here in Edinburgh.

The work was split into 3 main parts.

  1. Create a new conversion-focused website.
  2. Create an automated email sequence to market to the new prospect.
  3. Create a targeted marketing campaign on Facebook aimed at brides-to-be.

Their existing website was not set up in any way to convert the visitor so the first thing I did was create a conversion-optimised website from the ground up for them which in turn would greatly increase the chances of them getting any sort of lead into their business.

This new website's sole focus was to get the visitors' email address in exchange for downloading the current wedding brochure PDF.

Once the visitor converted, they were sent the PDF; however, they were also added to an automated email sequence which sent the prospect to various other pages of the new website such as advice articles on the blog "3 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day" etc, as well as testimonials/case studies from couples who had used the Corn Exchange as their own wedding venue.

The method to this madness was to make sure that by the time we asked the prospect to come to the venue to have a look (We requested the meeting on the 4th email of the sequence), they had been "warmed up" to the brand and had a much higher chance of coming along.

Once this was all set up, it was a case of finally creating a Facebook pay-per-click marketing campaign that focused on ladies who had just become engaged who were based in the Edinburgh area. We also split-tested age ranges to see which converted for us the best.

When the Facebook campaign was ready to go, it was simply a case of "turning on the tap" and sending the visitors to the new site.

Converting Clicks into Commitments

Within a month we saw an increase in the requests to meet and from this, the client saw an increase in couples signing up to their wedding venue service.

In addition to that, from this work we managed to create a database of emails which we can market to again and again for the cost of an email each year to promote their yearly wedding exhibition which sells out fast!

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