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Lazenby PT

Matt Lazenby

Owner / Lazenby PT

If you are looking for digital marketing services I really can’t recommend Scott Heron highly enough. I found Scott very easy to work with, he handled me exceptionally well, and I can be a very demanding client to say the least! He is very upfront about exactly what he is going to do and what results you can expect. Above all Scott is passionate about digital marketing, and it shows!


Matt Lazenby, a certified personal trainer operating under the brand LazenbyPT, faced a common yet daunting challenge: standing out in a saturated online market. Despite his expertise and client success stories, Matt was struggling to rank on Google for key terms related to personal training. He enlisted my services with two main goals:

  1. To secure top rankings on Google for targeted keywords.
  2. To increase organic traffic, thereby attracting more potential clients.

Tailored SEO for a Personal Brand

Understanding the unique challenges of promoting a personal brand like LazenbyPT, we crafted a bespoke SEO strategy that focused on:

  1. Technical SEO Fine-Tuning: Started by auditing LazenbyPT's website to identify and fix technical issues that could be affecting search rankings, such as broken links and slow load times.
  2. Content Rejuvenation: Reworked the existing content to better align with SEO best practices, incorporating targeted keywords and improving meta tags.
  3. Off-Site SEO and Authority Building: Initiated a targeted link-building campaign, securing backlinks from reputable health and fitness websites to boost domain authority.

A Transformation Both Online and Off

The outcome was nothing short of transformative:

  • Traffic Boost: We saw a 35% increase in organic traffic, effectively broadening Matt's reach in the fitness community.
  • Google Rankings: LazenbyPT not only made it to the first page of Google but also saw several keywords rank in the top 3 positions.
  • User Engagement: The revamped website led to a 20% increase in user interaction, including inquiries for personal training sessions.

Building on a Strong Foundation

With this newfound online visibility, LazenbyPT is well-positioned for future growth. Matt is now focusing on leveraging this SEO success to expand his client base and offer new online fitness programs.

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