Elevating Angus Dundee Distillers Through SEO Craftsmanship


Duncan Baldwin

International Marketing Director / Angus Dundee Distillers

I employed Scott for about a year, specifically to initiate a design & marketing exercise on our main website. Having agreed a set of keywords with Scott, he set about optimising them in terms of Google searches. Scott’s efforts resulted in several keywords getting onto Google’s first page and a greater number of people hitting our company’s website. This was a successful and thoroughly professional exercise, well executed.


A Distillery with a Rich Legacy but Limited Online Exposure

Angus Dundee Distillers, owners of two renowned single malt distilleries—Tomintoul and Glencadam—had a problem. Despite their award-winning whiskies and a bottling plant near Glasgow, their online visibility was not reflective of their industry stature. They approached us with a dual focus:

  1. To enhance their Google search rankings for whisky-related keywords.
  2. To attract a global audience to their website.

A Bespoke SEO Approach for a Unique Client

Given Angus Dundee's distinct market position, we knew a cookie-cutter SEO strategy wouldn't suffice. Here's how we tailored our approach:

Industry-Specific Keyword Research: We began by identifying high-value keywords that resonated with whisky connoisseurs and industry professionals alike.

Content Enrichment: We then enriched Angus Dundee's website with keyword-optimised content that not only showcased their distilleries but also provided valuable information on whisky production and tasting.

Global SEO: Given their international customer base, we implemented hreflang tags and localised content to attract a diverse audience.

Quality Backlinks: We reached out to whisky blogs, food & beverage websites, and industry publications to secure high-quality backlinks.

A Toast to Digital Success

The results were as satisfying as a fine single malt:

  • Global Reach: A 60% increase in international traffic, reflecting the global appeal of Angus Dundee's products.
  • Keyword Rankings: Achieved first-page Google rankings for multiple high-value, industry-specific keywords.
  • Customer Engagement: A 28% increase in page views and a 20% uptick in average session duration.

The Next Chapter: Building on a Legacy

The success of this SEO campaign has set the stage for Angus Dundee's future digital endeavours. They are now exploring additional digital marketing channels, including social media and influencer partnerships, to further amplify their brand.

For business owners aiming to translate a rich legacy into a compelling online presence, Angus Dundee Distillers serves as an inspiring case study. With a meticulously crafted SEO strategy, even a traditional business can achieve modern digital success.

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