Illuminating Albany Blinds Edinburgh's Business Through PPC Mastery


A Local Business in the Shadows

Albany Blinds Edinburgh, a reputable blinds and awnings provider, was facing a visibility issue. Despite a strong local reputation, their online presence was not generating the leads and sales they desired. They reached out to us with specific aims:

  1. To drive targeted traffic to their website.
  2. To increase online inquiries and sales.

A Laser-Focused PPC Campaign

Understanding the unique challenges of a home improvement business like Albany Blinds, we designed a Google Ads strategy that was far from one-size-fits-all:

  • Keyword Research: Initiated the campaign by identifying high-converting keywords specific to the blinds and awnings industry, focusing on those with high intent.
  • Ad Creation: Next, crafted compelling ad copy that not only highlighted Albany's unique selling points but also included strong calls to action.
  • Budget Allocation: Strategically allocated the budget to different ad groups, ensuring that high-performing keywords received the most investment.
  • Performance Monitoring: Throughout the campaign, closely monitored key performance indicators, making real-time adjustments to maximise ROI.

From Obscurity to Spotlight

The results were immediate and impactful:

  • Traffic Surge: A 50% increase in targeted website traffic within the first month.
  • Conversion Uplift: A 30% rise in online inquiries and a 25% increase in sales conversions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Achieved a lower cost-per-click while maintaining high ad positions, maximising the budget's effectiveness.

Sustained Growth and New Opportunities

The success of the PPC campaign has not only delivered immediate results but also opened doors for future marketing strategies. Albany Blinds is now considering expanding their digital marketing efforts to include SEO and social media advertising.

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