Wazookah's Ecommerce Transformation with a Shopify Rebuild


Wasim Ahmed

Owner / Wazookah

We reached out to Scott to help with our website redesign after using him previously for other work on one of our other businesses many years ago. We wanted to modernise our current website and decided to move over to a new platform. We needed help in realising our vision and Scott was fantastic from start to finish. His expertise and advice had already paid dividends and will be using him for any future projects.


Wazookah, a prominent hookah & shisha retailer, was facing a bottleneck in their online growth due to an outdated ecommerce platform. They came to us with specific goals:

  1. To completely overhaul their existing ecommerce website.
  2. To improve user experience and increase sales conversions.

Crafting a Custom Shopify Experience

Recognising Wazookah's unique position in the shisha market, I proposed a Shopify-based solution tailored to their niche. the strategy was divided into key stages:

  1. Market Analysis & Planning: Conducted an in-depth study of the hookah/shisha market, customer preferences, and Wazookah's existing website to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Design & Shopify Development: Moved from wireframes to full-fledged development, choosing Shopify for its robustness, scalability, and ease of use.
  3. Quality Assurance & User Testing: Ensured the website was free from glitches and optimised for all devices through rigorous testing.

From Blueprint to Reality

  1. Weeks 1-2: Wrapped up the market analysis and planning phase, including a SWOT analysis specific to the shisha retail market.
  2. Weeks 3-6: Engaged in the design and Shopify development phase, focusing on a sleek, user-friendly interface.
  3. Weeks 7-8: Conducted multiple rounds of QA tests, including user experience tests and security audits.

A Smoother, More Engaging User Experience

The transformation was remarkable:

  • User Engagement: Saw a 45% increase in user engagement metrics, such as time spent on the site and product page views.
  • Sales Metrics: Experienced a 25% increase in sales conversions, with a lower cart abandonment rate.
  • Site Performance: Achieved a 2x faster site loading speed, contributing to lower bounce rates.

A Platform Built for Growth

The new Shopify-based platform has set Wazookah on a trajectory for sustained growth. It offers scalability and flexibility, allowing for easy feature additions and updates in the future.

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