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“Scott has been instrumental with our success online. Prior to us working together, our website was struggling in terms of search position as well as traffic numbers. After having worked with us on this we are happy to say that now, we are pretty much dominating our target market and our online performance has improved significantly. I highly recommend Scott to any business out their looking to make it online.”

Kenny Scott Managing Director / La Favorita Delivered

La Favorita


“The level of professional SEO we have received from Scott Heron has been nothing short of exceptional. We feel that the he has without doubt improved our websites visibility for all of our main keywords and we at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange are reaping the benefits of all this work. I would be happy to recommend their services to other businesses out there looking to increase their own websites position in the search engines.”

Paul Di Marco Managing Director / Edinburgh Corn Exchange



“I employed Scott for about a year, specifically to initiate an SEO exercise on our main website. Having agreed a set of keywords with Scott, he set about optimising them in terms of Google searches. Scott’s efforts resulted in several keywords getting onto Google’s first page and a greater number of people hitting our company’s website. This was a successful and thoroughly professional exercise, well executed.”

Duncan Baldwin International Marketing Director / Angus Dundee Distillers

Angus Dundee

Hey …

Let’s face it, the internet can be a bit of a minefield at times. Especially when it comes to the advice & guides swinging around that cater to the marketing of your website.

So much conflicting advice, should you optimise your website for Google or set up an AdWords campaign? Should you target Facebook users in your advertising or have you heard that method simply does not work?

What about email marketing? Have you not set that up yet?!

The truth of the matter is that they all work, and they all work in their own little way in accordance to what it is you offer your client. Some of these methods will work more than others, its all down to your target customer and the industry you are in.

I Can Help You For Free!

I’d love to personally take the time to find out more about you and your business, and what I’d especially enjoy doing during our time, is to create a bullet-proof, step-by-step plan for you with the sole aim of increasing the profits you receive from your website … for free!!

Yup, that’s right, absolutely free. Diddly squat. Nowt. Absolutely no catch!! :)

Sure, if you do find our conversation useful and insightful then we can discuss a potential working relationship.

Don’t worry though, it won’t be a pitch-fest, I won’t try to sell you on anything (trust me, not my style!), what I WILL do is provide you solid actionable advice to skyrocket your business online!

Sound fair enough?

Provide your information below to get the ball rolling. Once I get your information, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to set up a convenient time for us both to chat.