Navigating Intelligent Point of Sale to SEO Success


Robin Knox

Managing Director / Intelligent Point Of Sale Limited

Scott has been managing our website since it was created. He has steadily helped to improve our ranking for the selected keywords, achieving first page of google results and number one positions for us. Since undertaking this activity we have seen the quality of our web enquiries improve dramatically which has in turn resulted in more sales for our organisation. I would highly recommend Scott and his service and already plan to use him for our next website.


Intelligent Point of Sale, a pioneer in point-of-sale software solutions, found themselves in a paradoxical situation. Despite having an excellent product, they were not ranking well on Google for their targeted keywords. They sought my expertise with two primary objectives:

  1. To climb the Google rankings for their industry-specific keywords.
  2. To drive more organic traffic to their website.

A Three-Tiered SEO Strategy

The approach was multifaceted, focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Technical SEO Overhaul: I kicked off with a meticulous audit of the website to identify and fix technical glitches, such as 404 errors, slow loading times, and mobile incompatibility.
  2. Content Enhancement: Restructured the website's content, infusing it with targeted keywords and improving its overall readability and relevance to the user.
  3. External SEO Tactics: Reached out to authoritative websites in the tech and software sectors to secure valuable backlinks, thereby boosting the site's domain authority.

The Rollout: Phases of Implementation

  1. Weeks 1-2: Completed the technical audit and initiated the necessary fixes.
  2. Weeks 3-5: Overhauled the website content, focusing on keyword optimisation and user engagement.
  3. Weeks 6-9: Executed the external SEO strategy, including targeted outreach for backlink acquisition.

Dominating the First Page of Google

The outcome was transformative:

  • Traffic Surge: A notable 40% uptick in organic traffic to the website.
  • Keyword Supremacy: Achieved first-page Google rankings for multiple high-value keywords, with most breaking into the top 3 positions of Google.
  • User Interaction: A 22% increase in key engagement metrics, such as session duration and click-through rates.

The Road Ahead: Building on Success

The achievements of this campaign set the stage for Intelligent Point of Sale's future SEO endeavours. With a fortified keyword strategy and a robust backlink profile, they were well-positioned for long-term success and in fact ultimately acquired delivering an excellent return for all shareholders.

To sum it up, this specialised SEO strategy catapulted Intelligent Point of Sale from the depths of Google's rankings to the coveted first page.

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